Freefly ALTA: Swing Arm City

Freefly ALTA: Swing Arm City from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.
Freefly Systems gave us the chance to take the ALTA for a test spin in the desert.. so we loaded up our friends, forgot all our water and, took it to Swing Arm City.

By Kevin Bennett + Renan Ozturk
Edited by Renan Ozturk + Kevin Bennett
Produced by Aaron Brimhall + Kevin Bennett + Renan Ozturk
ALTA Camera Op - Soren Jenson
ALTA Pilot - James Jensen
ALTA Aerial Assistant - Erica Hadden
ALTA Tech Ninjas - Jeff Scholl + Victor Lee
Chef, AC, Jack of All Trades - Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehlinger
Chase Driver + Edit Booster + Saint - Taylor Rees
Beer Assistant - Jack Rees
Key Heckler - Matt Christesson

Music by:
Billy Bennett

Damian Garcia AKA “Jonny Bones"
Jamie Hashimoto AKA “Kill Meow”
Justin Cox (MX)
Patrick Schooler (MX)

Biltwell Helmets
SkySight Motion Cinema

Additional Footage:
Skip Armstrong + Anson Fogel + Tim Kemple + Nick Wolcott + Matt Irving

Maryse Schooler
Stevie Meier
Nick Hegge
Eddie Mega
Tabb Firchau
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